Chicken Dog

A friend of my bought 4 chickens. The plan was to have every time fresh eggs. This 4 chickens produced 2 eggs in the last 4 weeks 🙂 Not very effective.

She also have a small dog. But since she have the 4 chickens, the dog believes that he is a chicken, too. The dog stopped to bark (woof) and started to make noises like a chicken. This is chicken dog.

Chicken Dog

Chicken Dog

Because he was “broken” she wanted to sell him on 🙂 Her friend looked in the internet what to do if the dog believes he is a chicken. And he really found a forum where people had the same problem. The solution is, to make noises like a duck every time than the dog makes noises like a chicken 🙂

She did it every time, for a view days. And it worked *LOL*

This is a crazy story, but it is 100% true … *LOL*


One thought on “Chicken Dog

  1. Not exactly true.. First of all she was whining not making chicken sounds but yes she did did sound a little like a chicken. Second the reason she was whining started directly after you made fun of Johannes at your housewarming party and posted a pic of him with his head cropped out and put a dog face on instead. After that he stopped being nice to baby and to me for that matter.. Baby got her little dog heart broken.. so yes she was whinning. 3rd of all the duck quacking didn’t help but when Johannes started being nice to her again she did stop.

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