Ride the Duck

On Sunday afternoon we did the “Ride the Duck” tour. This is a over 2 hour tour with an amphibian car. It can drive on the street AND on the water.

Our captain was Captain Nemo.

A very funny guy. I was not sure if he was not a little bit drunk … anyway. He is not just driving you through the city, he is also telling you a lot of storys about SF. The tour goes directly into the bay.

He drove behind the AT&T baseball stadion. There was a big game going on and the SF Giants won actually. The stadion was full packed with people. There have been a lot of boots behind the station. The people on the boots are waiting for a baseball, so that they can catch it. Unfortunately there was no ball flying around and the people on the boots just made a lot of party with us together because our captain turned the music on 🙂

The stadion was really full packed.

After the AT&T stadion our captain drove through the Embracadero and the fishermans wharf. There Amor lost his bow and arrow because he felt in love with San Francisco.

And here a solid rocket from the burning man festival.

In the end we droved through china town …

and than back to the union square there the tour started.

All in one it was a really good and funny tour. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot about San Francisco.


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