Bay 2 Breakers 2011

Bay 2 Breakers is the most craziest race ever! It is a race from the one end of San Francisco to the other end. From the Embracadero to the Ocean Beach through the Golden Gate Park. The distance is 12 km or 7.4 miles. Over 60 000 people are participating.

The funny think on this race is that everybody wears a costume and is drunk 🙂

This is an image from the start.

Some people are just nacked 🙂

Thor lost his connection to the Olymp ..

Borat was running away …

.. directly into the crowd.

It was forbidden to drink bear. But anyway everybody did it. The police officers mostly just looked away. But not always.

Some people looked like from another star.

It was a big fun.

with a lot of funny costumes

It was a sunny day in the Golden Gate Park with a lot of fun people. This was the most funny “Race” I visited ever. This is really 100% SF 🙂


One thought on “Bay 2 Breakers 2011

  1. Of course it was forbidden to drink a BEAR – I suppose they are protected by law 🙂 Isnt there a species protection too in USA….

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