Universal Studios Hollywood

I am in L.A. for a business trip. Today I visited the Universal Studios in Hollywood. The parking spot costs 15$ and a day ticket 69$. For 5$ more you can have a 12 month ticket. And for 21$ you can have a “all you can eat” ticket for the inside area. Drinks are not included.

All in one it is good invested money. You get a lot of fun for it and you can learn a lot about the art of movie making.

It is a little bit like Disneyland or Hollyday Park in Germany. You can drive a ghost train, roller coaster and other crazy stuff.

But you can also visit some cool filmsets from Jurassic Park, King Kong, Desperate Housewives and other Movies.

And you can see some special effects, like exploding cars.

In the afternoon some funny Freaks are walking over the place and you can make pictures with them.

There are pretty tall womans there.

One day is not really enough to see everything. I think I should come back.

I recorded some really cool movies. I will upload some of the movies on YouTube in the next days. The Internet here in the InterContinental L.A. is to slow for a movie upload.

All in one it was a really nice day.

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One thought on “Universal Studios Hollywood

  1. Da war ich damals auch.
    Is schon witzig da.
    Aber en paar von den “Touren” (Weißer Hai z.B.) waren damals bissel öde.

    Grüße aus DE

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