Black Rock City

Black Rock City is the City there the Burning Man Festival happens. Every year 50 000 people are coming here together for one week. For one week Black Rock City is the third biggest City in Nevada, after Las Vegas and Reno. Black Rock City is a special City.

A City in the Desert.
A City full with tents and RVs.
A City without Internet.
A City where your cell phone is not working.
A City structured in a circle around a wooden man.
A City where the addresses are measured with a clock.
A City where everybody wears a costume.
A City where you get food and drinks for free.
A City where money does not matter!

This is Black Rock City.

In the center there is a big wooden Man on a platform. He is the center of the City. The tents and RVs are structured in a circle around him. From the sky it looks like a clock. Every camp is on a special time. The center camp for example is on 6 clock. The big Temple is at 12 clock in the Desert. The next map shows there the tents and RVs are located.

The next map shows the Esplanade. The street between the tents and the Playa.

The next map shows the Playa. The Playa is a big peace round Desert. In the middle of the Playa is the Man, which will be burned after one week. He is the center of the clock. The Playa is huge and full with Art.

The next map shows the Deep Playa. The Deep Playa is the Desert in front of the Playa. This part is also full with Art. But the distances between the Art installations are higher and you must walk/drive longer.


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