Burning Man

1986 Larry Harvey, Jerry James and a few Friends met in Baker Beach in San Francisco and burned a 9 food wooden man and a small wooden dog. This was the beginning of the burning man festival.

Because of law issues in SF 1990 the festival moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. About 110 miles north of Reno.

The people who are part of the Burning Man Festival are “Burners”. I am a burner!

Burning Man is an Art Festival. For one week we are coming together in the desert to be part of something bigger. Burning Man is all about Art. A lot of artists are showing their Art in the Desert. The most Art Projects here are really huge and just amazing. The most artists arriving a couple days earlier to install their Art in the Desert. In the Playa. The circle in front of Black Rock City.
And I am glad that I could support 2 of this amazing Art Projects.

Burners are people who are respecting the nature. Don’t leave trash in the Desert! Take everything what you bring with you back at home! their is not one garbage can on the festival area. And the streets are still clean. Nobody throws garbage away. We take all care of our own garbage.

No Money
there is just one place on the whole festival area their you can take advantage of your money. The Center Camp. Here you can buy Ice and coffee. That’s it!
Their are no bars. No place their you can buy beer or cocktails.

Share what you have
Burners are friendly people who are helping each other. Burners are organized in Camps, from 5 to 400 people. Every camp is offering something to the community. Nearly every camp have at least one good DJ, so that their is always music around. The most camps are offering food and drings. Burgers, Pizza, Steaks, Pasta, Fruits but also Beer, Cocktails, Sake, Coffee and other stuff. It is all for free. You just have to walk in and ask friendly if you can have a peace.
Some camps are offering massages, advices and hair washing, too.

During the night we are walking around and enjoying the art in the Desert and we are making party. Because it is pretty dark in the Desert it is important that you have some lights on your bike and on your body. Otherwise you are invisible and it could happen that somebody on a bike or an Art Car is driving into you. And that is uncomfortable for both sides!
We ware wearing all funny costumes in the night. I recommend to build some LED light into the costumes.

No Dogs
Burning Man is a no dog event. Dogs are not allowed!

Be prepared
Burning Man is in the Desert. You can not just go to Burning Man like to a regular Festival. You have to be prepared. During the day it is fucking hot and during the night it is fucking cold. And it can happen that you are walking directly into a san storm. If you want to be a burner please look for advice in the internet or ask somebody who attended already. Their is a whole list of items you need to be save in the Desert.


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