Fleet Week @ SF

Last week was “Fleet Week” in San Francisco. At the beginning of the week some Navy ships landet at the SF Harbor. In the evening there have been always a lot of Navy Soldiers on the Street, going out in Bars and having fun.

The highlight of the week is on Saturday and Sunday. On this two days there are a lot of flight shows over the city. During this time San Francisco is covered with roof deck partys and the Bay is covered with boots / yachts, because everybody want to see the flight show.

I have been on a boot for two days. From time to time it was a little bit wet, but who cares. It’s just water 🙂 We had a absolute awesome view.

This is one of the Navy Boots.

And here are the blue angels. The best pilots in the world.

They did a good job.

But we saw also some pretty cools shows from some canadian pilots. We saw the stealth bomber, which is more than 1 billion $ worth. And big Jumbo Jet from United was also flying through the show.

I uploaded more pictures on Facebook.


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