HackMeet 2011

A lot of things happend last weekend. I went for 2 days to the HackMeet in the Mission in San Francisco. This is a Meetup for Hackers.

The Meetup was in a very old house in the Mission District. It was little bit hidden. No big Sign or Marketing campaign.

You have to look up for the right signs.

The whole 3rd Floor is a huge Hacker space. I like it ūüôā Specially the self build 3D printers.

Maybe you think that Hackers are criminals. But that is not true. There 2 kinds of Hackers. White Head Hackers and Black Head Hackers.

The Black Heads are the bad guys. Their main goal is money. And they don’t care if somebody get hurts or a company goes bankrot. The White Heads are the good guys. They are hacking, but they don’t want that anybody gets hurt. The White heads are usually working as security experts. At first they Hack a Computer System or a big Company and than they send the security wholes to the company. In that way the company have the¬†opportunity¬†to fix the problems and to hire the “hacker” for help.

Hackers are important for our digital world. They are showing us how insecure our Systems are. In that way we can fix it and develop more secure systems.

And you wouldn’t believe it how insecure the most computer systems are.

I meet some very interesting People at the MeetUp. Some of them from Europe. Surprisingly I saw a lot of cute girls at the MeetUp and other folks. Hackers are not just interested in Computers. They are interested in Politics, too. I heard some pretty good speeches to WikiLeaks, Occupy the Web, Digital Identity, Security, Anonymity and unlimited free access to Information.

One speech was from a Lawyer. She explained us our rights. That we are allowed to do and what not. And she explained us what the government is allowed to do and what not. And how you have to behave if you have ever trouble with some secret government agencies.
Their have been some lawyers at the conference who want to help the Hacker scene.

It was a very interesting weekend. I learned a lot of new stuff and I enjoyed my time their.


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