Austin / Texas

Yesterday I arrived in Austin Texas. Coming out of the Airport I realized that the weather is here much more sunny than in SF. Even in the evening you can wear shorts here. It feels like summer vacation 🙂

The area was settled in the 1830s and the first name of the village was Waterloo. Later it was renamed after Stephen F. Austin, known as the father of Texas. Today Austin is the capital city of Texas and has over 790 000 citizens.

Downtown is much smaller than in SF. There are much less skyscrapers.

Most of them are younger than 7 years. In the last 7 years the skyline of the city changed very strong.  The Picture above I toked from the Bridge. The city is splited by the colorado river.

Austin is a great city. The most people in SF like Austin. Texas not so much. They told me:

“Austin is awesome. It is like West Berlin in the DDR. It is surrounded by Texas.” 

It is surrounded by Texas, konservativ people, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes. But as long you stay in Austin everything is OK. It is like an Island.

The people in Austin are very liberal and educated. Austin has the strongest Internet usage in whole Texas. There are a lot of Tech. Companies here. For example IBM, Dell, Apple, Facebook and some other 500 fortune companies.

Austins Nickname is “Live Music Capital of the World”. That is absolut true. You don’t have to walk far to meet some musicians. There are all over the city. Sitting on the Street and playing guitar or having a geek in a Bar.

Austin is very famous for his Food Trucks. Their are all over the City.

This Food Truck, “Wurst Tex”, is selling Hot Dogs with all kind of sausages. He has pork, beef, duck, chicken and even a vegetarian sausage.

By the way. “Wurst” is the german word for sausage.

This is a Food Truck in Downtown.

Their is for really everything a Food Truck. For Hot Dogs, Thai Food, Crepes, Ice Cream, Pasta, Sushi and much more.

And all over the city are this cows.

In all kind of variations.

And beside the cows you have this cool huge art guitars.

And squirrels. I never saw so many squirrels.

Yes. I got again a lot of new impressions. I will enjoy the time here in Austin.


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