I had over 3 years my own company in Germany. And now I am starting my next company. I did some brainstorming for choosing the name. I put together a poll with all my favorite names. And over 100 people participated on the poll. Here is the Result.

The majority decided. The name of my next Start-Up is VersionEye!

I registered already the company VersionEye GmbH in Germany and in the USA. Registering a GmbH in Germany takes some time. You have to walk from administrative office to administrative office and after some days you and a bunch of money you have a GmbH company and a nice looking paper.

A GmbH is a special type of company. It is the best type you can have. That’s at least my opinion. You have to invest at least 25K EUR. But you have a clear separation between your private life and bank accounts and your business.

Right now I will not tell you exactly what VersionEye is doing. It is a Internet company and the core product is a Web-Application. VersionEye will go online in January. I hope in January the VersionEye iPhone App and VersionEye Android App will be ready, too.

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