Time and Money

The most people start to work after they finished their study. Mostly they start with a low or average salary. Usually they rent an apartment and buy a car, a big flatscreen TV and other shit. In the end their whole salary is flying away for status symbols and nearly nothing is left.

Than, at one day they get an pay raise. And immediately they update their apartment, their car and they buy a bigger flatscreen TV. Although higher salary, at the end of the month they have exactly as many left than before the pay raise.

And so it comes that this people become modern slaves. They are slaves of their toys. They have to work, because otherwise they can not effort the big apartment, the big car and all the other toys. And because they are slaves they have no voice at work. They fear to get fired. And if they get fired, they have no monthly income. And without monthly income they are losing their toys. Because of this fear they take no risk. And they always say: “Yes, yes. Sure, sure. What ever you are saying boss. You are right!“.

But it is not about Money, it’s about Time. If you have Money, you have Time! And if you have Time you can work on your own projects or do what ever you want.

If you have money you are not depending on your monthly salary. You are not a slave. You have a voice. And if you are thinking that your Boss is telling bullshit you can tell him: “Hey Boss. That’s bullshit! Because of xyz. I would recommend to do it in that way … “.

And if he is firing you? That’s OK! Maybe you have enough Money for the next 12 months. You are relaxed. You can book a vacation to come over it. And after the vacation days you can look for another job. And you don’t have to take the first job offer. And in the meantime you can work on your own projects.

That’s why I recommend not to update all toys just because of a pay raise. To have some money on the bank is a kind of freedom.

Do you know some modern slaves?

I know a lot of them.

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4 thoughts on “Time and Money

  1. Absolutely true! If just more people would realize that they’re wasting their lifes for the industry… After all, it’s the industry which suggests you need a better car (bigger TV, bigger …) than your neighbour. That’s capitalism. Great when lived responsibly and you can make it work for you. But not so great for people than don’t think too much about their time and their life and then become the slaves you mentioned…

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