Nina Kruser

Today I am writing about Nina Kruser. She is an absolute awesome artist from Russia.

Nina was born 1982 in Tschkalovsk, in Russia. She growth up in a family of artists. Nina finished her 5 year study of art at the Maljutin University in Iwanowo as class winner with an award. Since 2005 she is living and working in Germany.

Here are some of her paintings.

Ninas paintings are very positive. Her goal is to convey happiness and positive lifestyle. She is inspired by painters from the 19th century, from van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Monet.

Nina not really settled on one thing. She offers a wide variation of paintings: Flowers, Nude, Landscape, Cities and Portraits.

For Nina it is not so important what she is painting. Much more important it is why she is painting it and how.

In the past she had very successful Exhibitions in London, Zurich and in different cities in Germany. But check out her web page:

Feel free to contact me or her directly, if you are interested in her paintings and want to know more about her art projects.

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