There are a lot of ridiculous regulations in the USA. One of them is Jaywalking. That just means that you are not allowed to cross the street! You are just allowed to cross the streets at a crosswalk / zebra crossing.

If you cross the street at a random place, it is illegal and you can be punished for that.

A friend of my did Jaywalking in California, together with his wife. A police officer was around and stopped them immediately! They both got a ticket. She got a ticket for $160 and he one for $250.

He didn’t pay the ticket. He complained by the justice. He wanted to know why he get’s for the same criminal act a higher penalty than his wife. The justice didn’t explained it, but he raised the penalty up to $600 🙂 And he told him, if he is not willing to pay he can also enjoy the kitchen for a couple of days 🙂

In the end his wife convinced him to pay. And so he payed.

Welcome to America. The country of freedom. Where everybody get’s treated equal in the same way. But if you are a pretty woman you get treated more equal 🙂


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