Broken United Airplane

I had a flight for Saturday afternoon from SFO to FRA. I booked via Lufthansa and I was surprised when I saw that the flight will be executed by United. I mean that is a no go for me. That is like paying for an BMW and getting an old Dodge! No way!

The flight was planed for 6pm Saturday. After I checked in and passed the security I saw on display that the flight has a 2 hour delay. OK. Not so bad. Can happen. Even with Lufthansa.

This here was the plane.

After everybody was sitting in the seats, the Stewardesses started with the usual introductions what to do if something goes wrong. One of them speaks into the microphone so that everybody in the plane can hear the instructions. That was no fun. Because the sound system in the back was broken. Every time somebody spoke into the microphone the sound system just generated a lot of noise.

We started anyway. After a while everybody started to watch movies on the screens in front of them. After round about 30 min. all screens turned off. Everybody was surprised. We looked at each other and nobody was sure what that meant. We thought, Oh my god the electronic on board is broken, what will happen next. After about 2 min a Stewardess came and told us that they were just rebooting the Multi Media System, because of the sound issues.

After 15 more minutes the captain announced through the sound system that the sound system is fixed. But he had a bad message for us. Something else what is necessary and important for security was broken and we had to fly back to SFO.

I just hoped that nothing else will break within the next hour!

We landet in SFO safely. And then we ended all up in this line here.

I was one of the lucky first one in the line, but I still had to wait over 1 hour. They told us that United will pay us a night in a Hotel, the Shuttle Bus and a Breakfast. And tomorrow there will be another plane to FRA. During the time we waited in the line we got free drinks.

The Lady behind the desk wanted to give me tickets for another United flight to FRA. I told her that I will not fly again with United. I payed for Lufthansa and I wanted to get a Lufthansa plane! And finally I got a Ticket for a Lufthansa flight with the new A380. 🙂

It was already 3 am in the morning when I arrived in the Hotel in San Jose. San Jose is 45 min away from SFO. They are some Hotels directly next to SFO, but I guess that was too expensive for United.

Next morning on Sunday I woke up at 9:30 AM. It was 10am when I arrived in the Lobby and I realized that I just missed the breakfast. Damn it!

We all waited for the shuttle bus back to SFO. And finally United send us 1 single shuttle bus. But that was not enough for all the people.

It was a little bit chaotic. Many people feared to miss the flight. We needed 2 more shuttles for all the people. Some people just didn’t trust United anymore and they took a yellow cab to SFO.

I arrived with the shuttle at SFO and the whole game started again. Check in your luggage, go through the security and so on. After I passed the security guys I had 25 min to get a seat in the plane. But because I didn’t had breakfast I decided to take a seat in the mexican airport bar and I ordered a big Beer and spicy presidential Burrito with Shrimps.

That was so good!

In the last minute I went to the airplane and there was this guy here, who stopped the whole line.

Somebody from Lufthansa told him that there are just 2 pieces of hand luggage allowed in the plane. And this guy started to shift stuff from one bag to another bag. But that didn’t work out for him. Oh man! Unbelievable how much garbage the people are transporting in airplanes. Because of guys like them it takes forever to take a seat in the plane. They should reduce the number of hand luggage to 1 single piece! And they should have constraints for size and weight!

Finally I passed this guy and wanted to enter the plane. A police officer was coming out of the plane. He escorted somebody out of the plane. And I realized that there was much more security at the airport then usually. At the security check they asked everybody 3 times for the passport. And there have been police officers with drug dogs.

Anyway, finally I crossed the Atlantic and now I am in Germany again. 🙂


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