Art in Berlin

There is a lot of Art in Berlin. Many artists are living here and selling there Art. And there are many Art Exhibition Halls. This here is an Art object from New York at “Halle am Wasser”.

There is a special sound in the room, too. It is very strange.

And this here is an example for Street Art.

I am asking myself how they did that. It is quiet huge.

And this here is Art from Garry Orriss. You can buy it as a poster on his Homepage. He is an international Artist. I met him on Saturday.

And this here is the Holocaust Memorial at Behrenstraße & Ebertstraße.

It is a big labyrinth with big gray Stone Cubes. The purpose is that you feel lost if you are staying in it. The same feeling you can have at Berliner Hauptbahnhof. The Central Railway Station is f***ing huge and the train lines are everywhere just not where you expect it. I guess installing a huge sign with an arrow to the Central Railway Station would be cheaper. But it wouldn’t be art.

I am just kidding. Don’t take me serious!

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