Berlin speaks English + Twitter

I have been 1 week in Berlin. The German Capitol with 3.5 Million citizens.

It is a very international City. There are people from all around the world. I went to some conferences and events. All sessions/events have been holden in english. And many times in coffee shops and bars I could hear people speak english. And many people asked me to follow them on Twitter. The Berliner Folks is using Twitter & Foursquare as much as the SF Folks. If you want to play the game in Berlin, better you learn how to use Twitter right!

There is a lot to see in Berlin. For example the Siegessäule

And of course the Brandenburger Tor. The most famous Building in Berlin.

And this here is Checkpoint Charlie.

This was the border between the russian sector and the US sector during the cold war between 1961 and 1990.

And when you are in Berlin you have to try Curry36. This is the most famous place for Curry Wurst. A german speciality. The people are staying here in line.

The classic one is “Curry Wurst Ohne Darm!” 🙂

And there is much more to see in Berlin. I just didn’t had time to visit all interesting places. That’s why I still have a reason to go back 🙂

Berlin is poor but sexy. Everything was surprisingly cheap. I had all you can eat breakfast for 5 EUR, a big Burger for 3.5 EUR, really good Sushi in a japanese Restaurant for 8 EUR and good beer for 2.5 EUR. And that all at popular places in Berlin Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg.


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