Halle am Wasser

Halle am Wasser is a CoWorking Space in Berlin. This here is the Hall.

Long time ago the whole hall was an Art Gallery. But the woman who owns the gallery become old and she didn’t want to manage it anymore. That’s why she separated the hall in smaller peaces and rented it out to some strange people. Now there is an furniture company, CoWorking and modern Art Gallery in it.

The hall is just a 5 min walk away from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Rail Station) in Berlin. Very central. It is directly behind the Hamburger Bahnhofs Museum. And next to the Wirtschaftsministerium. And of course it is next to the Spree River.

Directly in the front of the hall is Sitzfeldt. A StartUp for cool furnitures.

At the end of the Hall is Kunsthalle Frish, with some modern Art projects.

And in the middle of the hall is Halle am Wasser, the CoWorking space for cool and young Start-Ups. This is how it looks from inside.

Yes. We have a couch and a table tennis plate. From time to time we play table tennis. Ah. Why lying. We don’t work. We play table tennis all the time. From time to time we are sitting on the couch. Now you know what I am doing in Berlin 🙂

Every Friday we make a BBQ. This is our weekly networking event. Usually we invite people from other Start-Ups too.



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