BarCamp Stuttgart

Last weekend I went to BarCamp Stuttgart. That is one of the biggest BarCamps in Germany.

A BarCamp is an UnConference. That means that there is no agenda, until the first day 🙂
On the first day at 9 am everybody is coming together in the big conference room. And then the introduction round is starting. That means everybody have to introduce them self with 2 or 3 sentences. This time somebody with a iPhone was walking around and filming every one who did the introduction. In that way the person was visible on the big screen and everybody in the room could hear them. If you have 500 people in the room, this kind of technology is very helpful.

The next part is that everybody who wants to hold a speech can go onto the stage and make a short introduction to his talk. If some people in the room are interested the speech will be hold. The agenda gets born on the first day.

After the sessions are planed for the current day, they are available online. Of course!

I did a talk about VersionEye and dependency management in the Microsoft room.

A session takes usually 45 minutes. And for 2 days there always 5 sessions at the same time. The topics are very mixed: Technology, Software, Web, Social Media, Coffee, Relationships and so on 🙂

I went to some interesting sessions. For example to the coffee session.

And here I learned that coffee war born 1671. And it was the drink of the rich man. Until a woman with the name Melitta invented the Melitta coffee filter.

But a BarCamp is not just sessions. It is fun, learning, networking, table soccer, drinks & food and much more.

A BarCamp is always for free. This is possible because of the sponsors. Just awesome companies are sponsoring BarCamps. Awesome companies like VersionEye 🙂

This time the BarCamp collected round about 20 thousand EURO. Everything what is left will be donated to education program in Tansania / Africa. And on the last day everybody did an additional donation.

Next year again. BarCamp Stuttgart!

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