Friedrichshain is one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Berlin. During the cold war it was part of East Berlin, part of the DDR. Friedrichshain has not the best reputation as a living area. Most people prefer Berlin Mitte, or Prenzelberg. But I lived for 1 week in Friedrichshain and I liked it very much. I liked it more than Mitte or Prenzelberg.

It is a more alternative neighbourhood and not as floated with tourists as Berlin Mitte. There are a lot of old houses with high ceilings and the rents are cheaper than in Mitte or Prenzelberg. And it is quiet famous for his night life. There are a lot of small Bars and Restaurants around, and they are open until 2am in the morning, even during the week. It remembers me a little bit on the Mission in San Francisco.

You can go out and start the night with a nice spanish dinner. Tapas Baravas.

Switch the location and try a check beer.

Switch the location again to a cocktail bar to have an “illegal ruski”.

Switch the location again to the Bar “Kptn.” to try a horrible “bio beer” and play chess with random people at the bar.

Switch the location again to a french wine bar, enjoy good wine, nice people the beautiful art.

And don’t forget to visit my favourite Microbrewery “Hops & Barley”.

Alternatively you could also visit Schalander, another Microbrewery in Friedrichshain. The beer their is not as good as by Hops & Barley, but they serve quiet good food.

And if you are totally drunk and hungry .. well, than just buy a Pizza for 2 EUR.

OK. Here on the picture it doesn’t look as good. But after a small bar tour it looks super delicious. Specially for 2 EUR 🙂

And after a short night, never forget to look up!

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