I am just back from Imax Cinema. We watched the new Bond movie, Skyfall. Really good movie.

Cinemas in the US work a little bit different than in Germany. When you buy a ticket for a movie, it is without any number. If you want to have a good seat, you have to be there early. We have been there 45 min. before they opened the doors. If you walk through the cinema you will see lines like this.

This here are the people in front of us.

And this are the people behind us.

Everybody pays the same ($ 20). But if you come to late, you have to live with a shitty seat. But the worst think is, you can not buy beer in the cinema! 🙂

In Germany that works a little bit different. In Germany every ticket is assigned to a special seat. And if you book via Internet you can select the seats you want. And you can drink beer during the movie.

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4 thoughts on “IMAX

  1. Rob,

    Try Red Vic or Castro Theater – better experience, better movies. :-). I don’t remember whether they sell beer, I think the Red Vic does. The Parkway in Oakland definitely did, but they closed (may reopen).

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