Thanksgiving is big national Holiday in the USA. For the americans it is as important as Eastern or the 4th July (Independence Day). Thanksgiving is always at the 4th Thursday in November. The roots of Thanksgiving are not very clear. There are different articles pointing to different roots. Feel free to check out the wikipedia article.  But usually they say it started 1621 in Massachusetts, there some immigrants from England arrived the first time. The immigrants didn’t had any food and didn’t know how to hunt and the winter was coming. Some Wampanoag-Indians helped them out with food and they did a 3 day feast.

To remember this event the US citizens are celebrating every year Thanksgiving. It is a big family feast and often they invite some friends. The highlight is the dinner with a big turkey like this.

And the table is full with food.

Around Thanksgiving the Airports and Train stations are usually super crowded, because everybody is flying at home to their families.

The family feast is not always an happy event. Many times it is drama. After some wine it can happen that some members of the family are starting a “loud emotional discussion”. If you are not directly involved, because you are an outsider, somebody who was invited, it is good for you! The best thing you can do is lay down, drink a beer, go out their way and enjoy the show. It is like a family soap in the TV, but life. On the next day everything is fine again. Everybody loves each other and nobody is talking about the “emotional discussion” from last night.

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. There is one un-written rule for a happy Thanksgiving. That says don’t talk at Thanksgiving about politics or religion. The families who are following this rule are having usually a happy silent thanksgiving. Families who are breaking this rule having an interesting Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Thanksgiving has always (for the past 40 years anyway) been my favorite holiday. I don’t share it with relatives, rather with close friends (now that both parents have passed on, with their children) We consider it just a day to be thankful that we have each other and eat most of the same traditional things every time. And remember those who have passed on by preparing the same dishes they brought to the party back in the day.

    For another take on the subject, may I recommend this blog, which I have been reading since it started. I refer to it as “my old lady blog”


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