Berlin Rents : 1 sqm for 2 DM

I am sure you heard already that rents are super cheap in Berlin. Some people still have rent contracts from 40 years ago. Like the people in this building here.



They pay 2 DM (Deutsche Mark) or 1 EUR for 1 square meter living space! By the way. This building not somewhere outside the city. This building is in Berlin Mitte (Downtown). They pay for 100 square meter 100 EUR / Month.

The building looks a little bit damaged. The reason for that is, that the tenants are declining any kind of renovation / improvement on the building. Because if they would agree to renovate the building than the land lord could raise the rent to current standards. And than they would pay 6 or 7 times more rent. Still much cheaper than in San Francisco or New York.

I would like to pay 100 EUR for a 100 square meter apartment in Berlin Downtown 🙂

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