The 2 Dollar Bus

In San Francisco you can get around with the bus. The bus is sometimes coming in time, often to late and sometimes it’s not coming at all. But if it is coming you have to pay 2 USD at the entry, by the driver. It does not matter how far you wanna drive, every drive is $2.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.00.45 PM

The thing is that you have to have exactly $2! And they do not change! 2 days ago I jumped on the bus in the morning and I didn’t had any coins, only a $10 banknote. The bus driver told me that I should ask the people in the bus if they can change my $10 banknote. And so I did. I asked into the round if anybody could change a $10 banknote. Suddenly it was quiet and everybody in the bus looked at me. And by the way I was the only white guy in the bus 🙂
I felt a little bit unrelaxed. A big fat guy started to talk to me in ghetto slang and I didn’t understand anything. I just said “OK. Thanks”. Finally a small old lady changed my banknote, I payed the bus driver and sit down. The bus started. But most people still looked at me and I just tried to smile a little bit. That was a very wired bus trip!

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