Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters is on of the trending coffee shops in the Mission district in San Francisco. It is on Valencia & 21st Street. The place is a little bit bigger then other coffee shops and there are prepared for the startup crowd. That means they have fast and stable internet and power outlets.


The coffee is a little bit more expensive then usual, but that is OK. Most people buy a coffee and keep sitting for a couple hours.  On the left side is the coffee bar and this are the table on the right side.


If you go through you come to an area with bigger tables. This area is better for collaboration.


I really like this place because they have good tables & chairs and they play really good music. The music in a coffee bar / hacker bar is very important. It should keep away the noise and bring you in a good mood but it shouldn’t disturb you. At Ritual Coffee Roasters they just get it right!

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