Shack Stack @ Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a Burger joint in New York, Manhattan, at the Madison Square Park. It is one of the most popular burger places in New York. Thats why the line in front of the shop always looks like this.


The good thing is, in a situation like this you have enough time to make a decision about your burger. I just don’t get it how somebody can stay 30 min in a line and then still doesn’t know which burger to pick! Anyway! I picked the Shack Stack! You can’t go wrong with that 🙂 After you paid you get one of this here.


After 10 min. it started to shake 🙂 And I got my Shack Stack!


On top of the beef meat there is a petty filled with cheese. If you bite into the burger the cheese comes out and it floats the whole burger and makes a big mess. Sounds disgusting but it tastes awesome! 😀

And to the burger you have to drink a ShackMeister Ale. A descent beer from the Brooklyn Brewery.


You can enjoy all that in this area in the park.


It looks a little bit like a German Biergarten. The people in Munich are celebrating Oktoberfest and the people in New York are celebrating Shack-Tober Fest! 😀


If you are visiting New York you have to try this!


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