The High Line

The High Line is a very special park in the heart of New York City, Manhattan. In the past it was a rail line on a bridge. The closed it down and for many years the bridge & rail line was just dead! 1999 The community residents raised Money to to reconstruct the bridge into a park. And today the whole bridge is a wonderful green park.


The High Line goes through West Manhattan. On the right site you can see the Hudson river and Brooklyn.


On the left site you can see the city Manhattan.


The High Line is only for sidewalks. There are no cars & bikes. It is a very peaceful place.


Some people are coming even here for meditation. Like this old woman.


It’s a very good way to discover Manhattan. You can just walk and watch and there is no rush. From time to time you can sit down on this cool banks.


The High Line is owned by the City New York, but 90% of the annual operating costs is paid by private equity. Many Thanks for that!

For the latest news to the High Line check out their twitter stream:

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