CocktailMixer with iPad App

On Friday and Saturday I was at the API Days in Berlin. It is a 2 days conference about APIs. Once a year speakers and attendees from all around the world are coming together for this event to exchange knowledge. Last year I did a talk to the VersionEye API. This year I enjoyed my role as an attendee. In the Exhibition hall I found this cool machine.


It is an cocktail mixer with an iPad App.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 19.37.49

In the iPad App you don’t select the cocktail you would like to have. You just tell the app how much Sweet, Acid and Bitter tastes you would like to have. Then you press the bootle icon and the App will calculate the ingredients and mix a custom cocktail for you. I tried it of course! And the cocktail was pretty good 🙂

The Hardware for the Mixer is from Bartendro. But the whole setup was a demonstration from


That’s a StartUp from New York. They have a database about tastes. The database includes the tastes from thousands for food products and they have even connections between the tastes. They know which products tastes similar or total different. And of course they have an API for that! That’s why they have been at the API Days in Berlin. Currently the API is for partners only, but if somebody has a cool idea and usage for the API they open it up. Just contact them and ask for access.

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