Suicide Chocolates

After last christmas I took the train from Mannheim to Berlin. Unfortunately somebody with bad mood thought it’s a good idea to jump in front of my train. On the half way the train had to stop for more then 2 hours because the suicide dude was in love with the brakes of the train. A whole bunch of  firefighters, police officers and emergency doctors come out.


After 2 hours another train was coming in parallel to our train and we had to evacuate to the other train via this funny little bridges. It was a lot of fun for small kids. For old people it was less fun.


I took some pictures and tweeted about this event. I guess I was even the first one who tweeted about this.

After the evacuation was done our new train started to move towards Berlin. The service staff from Deutsche Bahn gave us some paper to fill out. She told us that we will get 50% of our ticket price back. I filled out the papers and indeed I got 50% of the ticket price back. But today I got another bigger mail from Deutsche Bahn. I got this here.


It doesn’t look cheap at all.


It’s chocolate filled with truffle.


Somebody dies and I get chocolates.

Yeah. Whatever. I will enjoy it anyway!

Beside the chocolate I got a 50 EUR discount code for my next train ticket.

Not bad Deutsche Bahn. You are doing a pretty good job to keep me happy 🙂

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