Yesterday I was walking through Mannheim until I saw I a couple white eGolfs at the Kapuziner Planken. Volkswagen is doing an electrify tour through Germany to promote their new electric cars.


One of the guys asked if I want to do a test drive. I thought why not. And so I did my very first test drive with an electric car. This one.


You start the engine through pushing the “Start” button, then some lights go on and that’s it. And I just thought is the engine already running? Do I have to push the button harder? But no! The engine was already up and running but it’s completely silent. You don’t hear anything.

If you push the gas you start rolling but you don’t hear anything, that is a bit unusual. The car has 115 PS and the acceleration is better than I thought. The car is really fun to drive.

According to VW the reach is 190 km. But more realistic is 150 km. Still more than enough for the daily routine to work and back. The car can get charged at any power outlet. At a regular power outlet it needs 13 hours for a full charge. But at special refill stations it needs only 30 min for 80%.


Altogether it’s a really nice city car. Give it a try!


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